St. Lawrence Cruise Lines

Celebration of Spring North: Overview

Travel Map: Celebration of Spring South to North Cruise

Overnight Ports

  • Anchorage in 1000 Islands
  • Upper Canada Village
  • Coteau Landing
  • Montreal (Lachine)
  • Montebello
  • Ottawa/Hull

Celebration of Spring

Come and explore the passages and channels of the 1000 Islands, and the wonder of the St. Lawrence Seaway for 7 Days and 6 Nights at the 5 night rate, per person. During this cruise from Kingston to Montreal and returning back to Kingston, learn about the history surrounding this area through our intriguing and informative shore excursions. All included at no additional cost.

View the major seaway structures, carved-out canals, locks, dams, the famous 1000 Islands and three lakes uniquely connecting the cities of Montreal and Kingston - distance of 187 miles - a change in water elevation of 246 feet with a water flow of 1.9 billion gallons/second.

Explore the history of Canada and the St. Lawrence River

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